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Carlos Alvarez and his team have decades of success in online selling, on both Amazon and other seller platforms. For expert advice and services, contact Wizards of Amazon or our sister company, Bluebird Marketing Solutions. We have the services that provide the success you crave.

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Amazon & Strategic Business Consulting

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, yet it has been around for less than 30 years. The growth and success of the behemoth retailer is unprecedented. With an estimated five million sellers globally, and more joining the brand every day, you need a clear and winning strategy to ensure your success.

We offer proven strategic consulting so you can take your place among the top-ranked sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising (DSP)

Can you make a million dollars on Amazon? That earning power is the reality for a small fraction of Amazon sellers – but there is no reason why you can’t be in that top percentile. In 2017, the founder of Marketplace Pulse estimated that about 10,000 sellers have earnings of $1 million or more, while 100,000 sellers earn approximately $100,000 annually.

Do you want to be in this lucrative category? Of course, you do! To get there, you need to use Amazon’s advertising services.

Product Listing Details

Here’s a fun fact. There are more than 3 billion products on Amazon. Which Amazon marketplace has the most products? You guessed it! That spot goes to America with more than 600 million products.

This means some products are very similar, if not the exact same. Let’s take, for example, one of Amazon’s all-time best sellers: the Instant Pot. A quick search for this kitchen device brings up several offerings from Instant Pot, but also several different brands of pressure cookers.

What differentiates the products on Amazon is not always the brand, but the product listing details.

A+ and Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is also known as the A+ tool or A+ pages. Being able to use EBC is like being first in the pre-boarding VIP line at the airport, after you emerge calm and rested from the VIP lounge!

Brand Stores

Think of your favorite treat, style of footwear, or kitchen appliance. Did the item come to mind, or the brand? Many people say, “I want a Snickers,” or they want to buy a “pair of Sketchers,” while home bakers gush about their “Kitchen Aid mixer” instead of saying “I want chocolate,” “I want to buy a pair of running shoes,” or “I love my stand mixer.” Why? Because we identify – and are loyal to – brands we know, love and trust.

Amazon has capitalized on this and created brand stores, a DIY solution that allows sellers to create brand identity and build brand loyalty. Amazon brand stores are like standalone websites featuring rich visuals, beautiful layouts, and prominent product placement, all with a creative touch that connects sellers to your value proposition.

Amazon PPC Management

Amazon PPC. What is it? It is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising with an outstanding ROI! Amazon PPC gets your products directly in front of your target audience. Unlike EBC and brand stores that delight your customers once they eventually find your site, Amazon PPC takes your products and places them in front of online consumers. When they click those products, that consumer lands right on your site. It’s a powerful tool that no Amazon seller should be without.

However, Amazon PPC only works if it is managed correctly. That’s where Bluebird Marketing Solutions comes in.

Amazon Account Launch

Selling on Amazon seems like the fast way to make quick cash, but as with any other entrepreneurial pursuit, it takes time, effort, and investment. Your competition is fierce – you are vying for buyers from around the globe and competing with millions of other sellers! To be successful, you need a solid Amazon account launch that gets you out of the gate strong and continues to build momentum.

We can help you with that.

Amazon Channel Management

Owners of brick-and-mortar retail locations do not rely solely on themselves to run a successful store. It is impossible for one single owner to be in the store during business hours while also seeing to the merchandising, inventory, marketing, and customer service that must be performed.

It is no different with your Amazon store. Without assistance, Amazon store owners quickly become overwhelmed or fail to properly take full advantage of the tools at their disposal. You could spend hours reading the information on Amazon’s Seller Central and tying to work through the terms and steps of each tool, or you could let Bluebird Marketing Solutions manage your channel.

Amazon Account Audit

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, with more than five million sellers worldwide – 300,000+ of those being from the United States. About half of Amazon’s revenue, which was $201 billion in 2018, is generated by third-party sellers. But, despite millions of buyers around the world, only a fraction of sellers earn more than $100,000 in annual revenue.

As an Amazon seller, you deserve a piece of the pie – and you deserve to be in the highest-earning category. Our Amazon account audit shows you how to get (and how to stay) there.

Amazon Live Training

Like any responsible entrepreneur, you’ve looked online to find ways to increase your sales on Amazon. Of course, typing “increase Amazon sales” into Google gives you more than 190,000,000 results! How do you sort through all that information and separate fact from fiction?

You don’t need to. Bluebird Marketing Solutions will come directly to you and provide the answers you need.

Operational Support

As an Amazon vendor, you take your business seriously. We take your business seriously too. We know you depend on support to earn the revenue you need. Our operational support services provide scalable support whether you are new to Amazon selling or expanding your growing brand.