Amazon PPC Management

The Pay Per Click Advantage

You may be thinking, why invest in Amazon PPC when I’m already advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

Are you paying for clicks or impressions on those platforms? PPM (impression-based) advertising is not action-based. It merely charges you when your ad makes an impression – when someone sees it.

If you have ever scrolled through your Facebook or Instagram feed without clicking on ads, you’ve created an invoice for a seller on a PPM strategy. That seller pays for the impression whether or not you click their ad. Is that the best use of advertising dollars? We don’t think so.

Pay Per Click (PPC) only charges for active engagement. Even if the click does not result in a sale, each click drives web traffic directly to your Amazon store and gets eyes on your brand and product. Each click shows if you are engaging the right market, and if your ads are optimally placed. Each click is an interested buyer. That buyer will remember you and perhaps even recommend your store to others.

    Bluebird Marketing Solution’s PPC Management

    Since Amazon PPC is so effective, your marketing dollars are lost if a buyer clicks through and lands on a poorly designed Amazon store. The best time to deploy Amazon PPC is after your store is set up to make the best impression. This means EBC, having (or working towards) a branded store, positive reviews, and high-quality images.

    We audit your site to ensure your store, brand, reviews, and reputation are at its strongest, then we design a PPC campaign and monitor its effectiveness for long-lasting results and future agility.

    Don’t Lose Out on Sales

    A great Amazon store is not effective if buyers can’t find you or your products. Amazon PPC is one of the best ways to get the traffic you need and provides a high ROI for your marketing budget.

    Contact us today for PPC campaign management that gets you the clicks you need, and frees up your time to sell more.