Amazon Advertising

The Current Amazon Advertising Suite

Until September 2018, Amazon’s self-directed and corporate advertising services were broken down into two distinct categories: AMG, Amazon Media Group; and AMS, Amazon Marketing Services.

The AMS suite was self-directed and was aimed at newer and emerging sellers. It included sponsored products, searchable ads, and product display ads. It also offered Amazon-specific branding and templates.

AMG worked directly with sellers’ marketing consultants and creative teams to deliver impactful ads and placements on a premium level. AMG worked best for larger sellers with established marketing budgets.

AMS and AMG have been moved to a single platform called Amazon DSP, aka Amazon Advertising.

DSP brings all of Amazon’s marketing services into one user-friendly location where products can be purchased to target your audience on and off the site. However, the two-tiered system still exists under Amazon DSP. Self-service options with no management fees are available, but so are fully-managed services for sellers willing to invest $35K or more.

How Bluebird Marketing Solutions Helps

The decision to go the self-service route or the full-service route cannot be taken lightly. That decision depends on your target audience (their demands, their geographic location, etc.), your budget, your products, and many more factors.

Bluebird Marketing Solutions does a full assessment of your adverting needs and pairs you with the DSP service(s) that are your ideal fit. We also create a strategy moving forward that shows you when it’s time to increase your DSP engagement, or transition to a fully managed service.

Bluebird Marketing Solutions’ DSP services come with a level of management to track the metrics on the services you choose and manage your use of the tools.

Our Focus is Your Success

We know getting into the top bracket of Amazon sellers does not happen overnight. It’s a calculated effort that relies on an escalating marketing campaign that keeps pace with your growing brand. It also relies on the experience of consultants like us, that have made a study of Amazon and what it takes to succeed among millions of online retailers.

Contact us today to learn how our DSP management services will grow your brand.