Amazon Account Audit

Comprehensive Analysis

Your Amazon account audit starts with a full comprehensive analysis of your site, along with one-on-one phone time with a Bluebird Marketing Solutions consultant. We analyze what goes on behind your brand: inventory levels, response rates, fees, dispute resolution, and more. Based on your custom analysis, we’ll tell you how to maximize areas of success, and improve areas that could be doing better.

    Brand and Reputation Management

    Damaging reviews, trolling, unauthorized third-party sellers, on-and-off-site feedback – we assess the strength of your branding and show you how to protect it. A negative review on or off Amazon (for example someone complaining about your products on Reddit) is damaging, as is having your goods ripped off by cut rate sellers. Learn what your current threat level is, how to repair existing damage, and how to secure your products and reputation online.


    To stand out among millions of sellers, your brand needs a mix of organic and paid advertising that specifically targets your desired audience. Our Amazon account audit performs an analysis of your current marketing, and shows you how to optimize, track, tweak, and analyze it for ongoing and future success.

    Learn the Tools You Need to Succeed

    Successful sellers on Amazon know how to stand out, protect their brand, and get the highest ROI from their marketing budget. The tools you need to be in the top 1% of Amazon sellers are available to you. Contact us today, get an Amazon audit, and claim the revenue you deserve. The opportunity for success is here, if you take action now.