A+ and Enhanced

Brand Content

What is EBC?

EBC is offered to an exclusive set of Amazon sellers. Those with EBC can create stronger product descriptions, use better images, have more optimal text placements, and create a cohesive brand story. The result of expertly deployed EBC is more traffic to your Amazon store, better conversion rates, and ultimately, more sales.

Who Gets to Use EBC?

Not just anyone has EBC access. This tool is reserved for serious Amazon sellers. EBC users must be approved members of Amazon’s brand registry, or new brand owners that are actively engaged in Amazon’s selling programs.

Think of EBC as Your Big Break

The importance of clear, concise, optimized product listings cannot be understated. You are competing with millions of other sellers and billions of products on Amazon. Being approved to use EBC gives you a huge advantage over the competition.

Let Us Maximize Your Opportunity

As Amazon experts, we know that EBC approval is a very big deal. It’s a validation of your hard work and dedication to be a top Amazon seller. When you finally get EBC approved, don’t take chances. Maximize this opportunity by leveraging Bluebird Marketing Solution’s expertise and let us show you how to turn your existing pages into premium content.