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The Amazon marketplace gets more competitive for sellers every year.

Growing your Amazon business takes time because you have to study the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace. You don’t have to worry because Blue Bird Marketing Solutions is here.

The complex nature of Amazon marketing takes away time from your business — and that’s where Blue Bird Marketing Solutions comes in.

At Blue Bird Marketing Solutions, we plan flexible campaigns to allow adjustments that suit your needs along the way. We optimize campaigns based on your customers’ preference to lead to better conversion rates.

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Amazon PPC 

Selling on Amazon requires a set of tools to enable your business, and few tools are as efficient or effective as PPC. This algorithm-based method is the driver of key performance across all of Amazon’s international marketplaces. To ensure you get the most out of Amazon PPC, we customize your experience with information from your brand and data from your reports. Book a consultation now to see how our PPC management can transform your Amazon store.

Compound profits

Build on the success of each campaign to create compounded profit growth. Maintain what works, add on new strategies that align with your latest objectives.

Zero Waste Ad Spend

No need to try new (expensive) advertising tools. We know what works for your brand and your market. Save money while making money.

Healthy ACOS & TACOS

There’s a big difference between your advertising cost of sales and your total cost of sales. Why not maximize both?

24-7 Management

The world of e-commerce never sleeps, which is why our support is available 24/7. This makes you agile to respond to markets around the globe.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll never have to wade through several people on a call to get the help you need. You’ll have direct access to your dedicated account manager via phone and email.

Real PPC Strategy

Our PPC strategies are based in real solutions that address real adverting needs. It’s not one- size-fits-all. We offer PPC solutions tailored just for you.

It’s Free!

Full Account Management

Successful sellers on Amazon know it’s a full time job, and that taking your eye off the ball means a drop in revenue. Delegate the tedious day-to-day account management so you can save time and energy to focus on the more dynamic parts of promoting your brand. We will provide a seamless dashboard so you can always be on top of the numbers that affect your business as we also roll out marketing strategies that drive traffic to your storefront. For an all-in-one Amazon management solution, contact us today.

Full Account Management

You’ll never have to wade through several people on a call to get the help you need. You’ll have direct access to your dedicated account manager via phone and email.

Strategy Creation

The industry changes and there are many tools in the toolbox that could work for your brand. We stay on top of the changes and know which tools are right for you. Let us design your winning strategy.

Turnkey Solution

There is no need to invest in several contractors to complete your strategy. We are the all-in-one solution provider with a turnkey solution. All you need to do is say yes.


With millions of e-commerce sellers online, the right kind of promotion is key to excelling in the field. We have the experience and knowledge to make you stand out.

Customer Service

The best products are not ideal if they are not backed by customer service. Expect clear communication, agility, expertise and more from us, because we truly care and love to help.


Standing out means optimizing and optimizing means SEO. Let us show you how our SEO strategies get you noticed by Google, by Amazon, and by the other important algorithms you need.

It’s Free!


Get a coach in your corner that truly knows the game. Our Amazon consultants have decades of combined experience across all of Amazon’s top selling lines. Benefit from knowing how Amazon’s recent changes to Seller Central can work for or against you, along with the technologies and outside services that can give you an edge. Book a consultation today for a glimpse at how we can help increase your sales.


Success and planning go hand in hand. We develop a realistic strategy with measurable goals so you can achieve your success in a responsible and sustainable way.

Road Map

As an e-commerce seller in a busy world, it’s easy to feel lost. Our road map ensures you are on the right track, and empowers you to track your progress.

Brand Building

It’s not just about having a great product. Who you are as a company matters too. Brand building helps with customer, and community, engagement.


Manage the present while remaining agile for the future. Clarity means being forward-thinking and progressive with the business. We can show you how.

Save Time & Money

Delegation is key to managing a thriving enterprise. Falling behind on your daily management goals wastes time and money. Our services save you both.

Powerful Network

Learn from the best and have access to hundreds of e-commerce sellers at all stages of their journey. Work with us to benefit from our connections.

It’s Free!

Google SEO

SEO is about just adding keywords to your content, right? No! SEO – search engine optimization – is about leveraging the keywords that will work for you, and for that, you need a customized strategy. Depending on your market, your geographical location, and the features of what you are selling, and even the political or economic state of the world, the keywords you choose will either attract buyers and make conversions, or sink your page to the depths of search engine results. Never bank on just tossing in some random keywords. Instead, trust the experts to research keywords that truly deliver, especially when you are selling a popular product that is similar to others in the market. Our keyword strategy works across platforms, across diverse website codes including custom coding, and on social media. When you need to rank on page 1, you need our experience. Get in touch to learn more.

Market Analysis

Your SEO needs change depending on issues facing your target market. We ensure your keywords align with what is trending, while remaining unique enough to position you high in the ranks.

Web Analysis

No strategy is complete without having a website optimized with SEO keywords. We will show you how to leverage this powerful tool.

SEO Management

Keywords that work one month may not the next. Being responsive is key to ensuring consistent rankings.

Keyword Domination

This is vital for any company selling a popular product. You need keywords that make you stand out, not generic ones that don’t compete in the market.

Expert SEO Rich Copy

Every aspect of your copy from your website to your blogs should be optimized. Our expert copywriters will help you with this.

Strategic Press Releases

New product release? Sale? Website launch? Our PRs help you get the media attention you need when something great happens in your business.

It’s Free!

Amazon Page Optimization

You, the seller, know the ins and outs of your product. You believe in it and know how it will add value to your buyers’ lives. To show your market why they need what you are selling, you must leverage visuals, videos, keywords, and content to your best advantage. Our experience in what works (and what doesn’t) in optimizing Amazon pages ensure your listings stand out for viewers, and for Amazon and Google’s algorithms. Contact us today to learn how to convert traffic and grow your profits with successful on-page optimization.

Listing Optimization

Every aspect of your copy from your website to your blogs should be optimized. Our expert copywriters will help you with this.

Product Videos

Get the leading edge by having video demonstrations on your product pages. Videos greatly improve conversions.

Competition Crushing Copy

It’s not enough to have good copy. You need copy that dominates your competition, drives traffic, and creates conversion.

A+ Content Design

There are ways to make your content stand out and get noticed – and therefore your products chosen over your competitors. We can show you the insider secrets.

Listing Translations

Increase your customer base by advertising to more than one geographic – in their own language.

It’s Free!

About Us

Carlos Alvarez

CEO | Bluebird Marketing Solutions

If you dream about being in the upper ranks of Amazon sellers, help is at hand.

Our company was founded by Carlos Alvarez, a top tier Amazon seller and the creator of Wizards of Amazon, America’s largest meetup group. He and his team have mastered the art of what it takes to be a successful e-commerce seller across all categories including housewares, beauty, food products, lawn and garden, apparel, and more. Now, this information is available to you.

Why is Blue Bird Marketing Solutions here for you? Carlos achieved his success thanks to those that were willing to share their expertise. He created Blue Bird so e-commerce sellers on all platforms would have someone in their corner; someone with experience they could learn from. Services are affordable, the company is trustworthy, and everyone here truly cares about your success. Take a look at what’s on offer and get in touch today to start your successful Amazon journey. The Blue Bird method works. We know because it’s the one we use for our storefronts too.

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No battle was ever won by the efforts of one person. No corporation was ever successful without a team. No hero ever did it all alone – and neither can you. Our services are designed by successful Amazon sellers that are passionate about helping you reach your goals. Contact us today. We are here for you and want to see you succeed.

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