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We provide tailored strategies, expert guidance, and comprehensive solutions to help you grow your Amazon business and thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape. Let’s achieve remarkable results together.

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The Amazon marketplace is a battlefield, and it’s getting fiercer for sellers with each passing year.

Expanding your Amazon venture is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a deep dive into the labyrinth that is the Amazon marketplace. But fear not, Blue Bird Marketing Solutions is your guiding light.

The intricate dance of Amazon marketing can rob you of precious time — time better spent on your business. That’s where we, at Blue Bird Marketing Solutions, step in.

We craft adaptable campaigns at Blue Bird Marketing Solutions, allowing for tweaks and changes that align with your evolving needs. We fine-tune campaigns based on your customers’ preferences, leading to superior conversion rates.

Amazon PPC

Selling on Amazon demands a toolkit to empower your business, and few tools are as potent or effective as PPC. This algorithm-driven method is the engine that powers performance across all of Amazon’s international marketplaces. To ensure you squeeze every drop of potential from Amazon PPC, we tailor your experience with insights from your brand and data from your reports. Schedule a chat now to see how our PPC management can revolutionize your Amazon store.


Build on the success of each campaign to create compounded profit growth. Keep what works, add new strategies that align with your latest objectives.


No need to gamble with new (and costly) advertising tools. We know what works for your brand and your market. Save money while making money.


There’s a world of difference between your advertising cost of sales and your total cost of sales. Why not maximize both?


The world of e-commerce never sleeps, which is why our support is available 24/7. This makes you agile to respond to markets around the globe.


You’ll never have to navigate through a sea of faces on a call to get the help you need. You’ll have direct access to your dedicated account manager via phone and email.


Our PPC strategies are rooted in tangible solutions that address real advertising needs. It’s not one-size-fits-all. We offer PPC solutions tailored just for you.

Full Account Management

Successful sellers on Amazon know it’s a full-time job, and that a momentary lapse in focus can mean a dip in revenue. Delegate the tedious day-to-day account management so you can save time and energy to focus on the more dynamic parts of promoting your brand. We will provide a seamless dashboard so you can always be on top of the numbers that affect your business as we also roll out marketing strategies that drive traffic to your storefront. For an all-in-one Amazon management solution, reach out to us today.


The industry is ever-changing and there are many tools in the toolbox that could work for your brand. We stay ahead of the curve and know which tools are right for you. Let us design your winning strategy.


There is no need to invest in several contractors to complete your strategy. We are an all-in-one solution provider with a turnkey solution. All you need to do is say yes.


With millions of e-commerce sellers online, the right kind of promotion is key to excelling in the field. We have the experience and knowledge to make you stand out.


The best products are not ideal if they are not backed by customer service. Expect clear communication, agility, expertise and more from us, because we truly care and love to help.


Standing out means optimizing and optimizing means SEO. Let us show you how our SEO strategies get you noticed by Google, by Amazon, and by the other important algorithms you need.


Get a coach in your corner that truly knows the game. Our Amazon consultants have decades of combined experience across all of Amazon’s top selling lines. Benefit from knowing how Amazon’s recent changes to Seller Central can work for or against you, along with the technologies and outside services that can give you an edge. Book a consultation today for a glimpse at how we can help increase your sales.

Google SEO

SEO is more than sprinkling keywords. It requires a unique strategy based on your business, market, location, and product’s selling points. Choose the right keywords, and you’ll boost conversions. Trust the experts who can find these keywords and help you stand out from competitors. Reach out to learn more about our cross-platform, multi-code, and social media-savvy keyword strategy for page 1 ranking. 


Your SEO strategy isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal. It needs to adapt and evolve with the shifting sands of your target market. We make sure your keywords not only ride the wave of current trends but also maintain a unique edge to catapult you to the top of the rankings.


A strategy without a website optimized with SEO keywords is like a car without an engine. It’s not going anywhere. We’ll show you how to harness this potent tool to supercharge your online presence.


Keywords are fickle friends. What works one month might fall flat the next. Staying on your toes and adapting to these changes is the secret sauce to maintaining consistent rankings.


For any company peddling a popular product, keyword domination is a must. You need keywords that make you the star of the show, not generic ones that leave you lost in the crowd.



Every piece of your copy, from your website to your blogs, should be dripping with SEO goodness. Our expert copywriters are here to make that happen.


Got a new product release? A sale? Launching your website? Our press releases are your megaphone, helping you grab the media attention you deserve when you hit a business milestone.

Amazon Page Optimization

You, the seller, are the master of your product. You believe in its value and understand how it can enhance your buyers’ lives. But to convince your market they need what you’re selling, you need to pull out all the stops – visuals, videos, keywords, and compelling content. Our expertise in the do’s and don’ts of Amazon page optimization ensures your listings don’t just blend into the crowd, but stand out to viewers, and to Amazon and Google’s algorithms. Get in touch today to learn how to turn traffic into sales and boost your profits with successful on-page optimization.


Every word of your copy, from your website to your blogs, should be working hard for you. Our expert copywriters are here to make sure of that.


Gain the upper hand with video demonstrations on your product pages. Videos aren’t just eye-catching, they’re conversion-boosting.



Good copy just doesn’t cut it. You need copy that steamrolls over your competition, drives traffic, and sparks conversions.


There are tricks of the trade to make your content pop and get noticed – and consequently, get your products picked over your competitors. We’re here to share those insider secrets.


Expand your customer base by reaching out to more than one geographic region – in their own language.


If you’ve got your sights set on joining the elite ranks of Amazon sellers, you’ve come to the right place.

Our company was forged in the fires of e-commerce by Carlos Alvarez, a titan among Amazon Sellers and the brain behind Wizards of Ecom, the largest meetup group in the world. Carlos and his team of superstars have cracked the code to e-commerce success across a broad spectrum of categories, from housewares and beauty to food products, lawn and garden, apparel, and beyond. Now, they’re ready to share their secrets with you.

So, why does Blue Bird Marketing Solutions exist?

Carlos climbed to the top thanks to the wisdom of those who were willing to share their expertise. He founded Blue Bird with a mission to be the experienced, trustworthy ally that e-commerce sellers on all platforms need in their corner. Our services won’t break the bank, our company is as reliable as they come, and every single member of our team is invested in your success. Take a gander at what we have to offer and reach out today to kickstart your journey to Amazon success. The Blue Bird method isn’t just proven – it’s the very same one we use for our own storefronts.

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